We are living in times where we all experience, to some degree, interpersonal distance and a lack of mutual and healthy human feelings.

Our success-driven and stressful lifestyles are often a trigger for profound underlying issues which we try to fix by taking prescription drugs that ease our feelings of pain and suffering.

But what if those bad feelings and all of those symptoms were only a lack of fulfilment on a spiritual level?

I have created a series of alternative medicines, “Human Feelings as Drugs”, each vial containing a concentrated amount of Empathy, Hope, Joy, Love, Peace.

I wish they could really work… but, at least, you can always have them with you, with a very exclusive series of clothing and prints that work as a reminder of what is really necessary to live a better and brighter life.


Valerio Loi

Hello there!

Here's Valerio. If you're here you probably know something about myself and my work. If not, you can get to know me a little bit here!

In the shop I offer a selection of prints and clothing specifically designed to inspire feelings of well-being and oneness, based on my award winning and international exhibited Human Feelings as Drugs project.

I am more than happy to satisfy any personal request regarding the customisation of the products, just drop me a message.

I bought one tshirt and one print. Love was my feeling of choice and I'm super satisfied of both! High quality and quick delivery time.


I love my t-shirt! It fits perfectly and it didn’t shrink after washing. I will order few more feelings soon


It feels good and it looks so good. The Human Feelings As Drugs is a great idea and I'm proud to wear it in public and spread such a lovely message!


This is by far one of the best looking t-shirts I own. Colorful and simple, I'm verry happy to look at myself in the mirror wearing this!